Mt Barnett Roadhouse offers fuel (Unleaded and Diesel) and also carries a good range of groceries as well as take away food and offers minor mechanical repairs. Roadhouse hours are 7am – 5pm (April to September) and 8am -12pm & 2pm – 4pm (October to March).

Manning Gorge

Access to Manning Gorge is through the roadhouse w here that you have to pay your fees to get access to Manning Gorge camp site. the money goes toward keeping up the good facilities including Water Tank and amenities block. On paying your fees you get an information leaflet with a mud map of the walk to the waterfall.

From Mt Barnett Roadhouse the drive is 7 km to the campground and parking area. The shady camping ground at Lower Manning Gorge offers easy access and swimming in clear, cool waters. From here it is a 2 kilometre walk to Upper Manning Gorge, which you can expect to take 1 hour each way. Upper Manning Gorge is an attractive area with a waterfall and huge swimming pool surrounded by high cliffs.

Barnett River Gorge

Barnett River Gorge near Mount Barnett from the turn off – 5 kms to the north is the tranquil gorge. Drive all the way to the end crossing the creek and negotiating the last 500m (which requires a high clearance 4WD). It is a short walk from the car park to the river and delightful spot to cool off. The walk on the other side takes you along a sandy river bed amongst foliage and abundant wildlife.