Gregory National Park, the Territory’s second-largest National Park, is an impressive 13,000 square kilometres of ranges, gorges, sandstone and escarpment. Monsoon rainforest, eucalyptus and tall, arid grasses contrast with distinctive boab treess. The park features spectacular range and gorge scenery and significant traces of Aboriginal culture, European exploration and pastoral history.

It’s possible to visit Gregory National Park on an overnight trip from Katherine, 285 kilometres away and if you’re looking for adventure it has two challenging four wheel drive tracks and plenty of opportunities for fishing and camping.

Facilities and vehicle access is limited, so visitors should first call at the Timber Creek Information Centre.

Popular activities in this spectacular Park include boat tours or scenic flights, hiring your own boat, bushwalking, fishing and camping. A boat ramp on Big Horse Creek gives access to the Victoria River and 4×4 tracks have been developed to facilitate access to the more remote areas in the south of the Park.

The Victoria River sector of the park has a campground and escarpment walks only a short distance from the Victoria Highway at Joe Creek. The Park can be reached via the Victoria Highway from Katherine.

Things to See and Do

Bullita Outstation
Centrally located on the East Baines River, Bullita Outstation with it’s traditional timber stockyards is a remnant of the Park’s pastoral history. Near the homestead the shady camping area provides fine views of the river where abundant wildlife is attracted during the dry season.

Limestone Gorge
Limestone Gorge campground is situated amidst a corroded landscape . A rugged walk from the campground offers scenic views of this classic geological feature. Facilities at both Bullita and Limestone Gorge campgrounds include barbecues, picnic tables and pit toilets. Camping fees apply and should be paid in the honesty boxes at the campground.

What to Do?

4×4 Tracks : A series of tracks provide the visitor with an ideal opportunity to explore this unique wilderness. These tracks are remote and potentially hazardous. Visitors must be fully self sufficient and prepared for all emergencies.

Basic campsites with minimal facilities are located along each track. They make good bases for fishing, walking and birdwatching.

The Bullita Stockroute : Driving time required 8 hours. Distance is 90 km.
The Bullita Stockroute is a loop track through limestone terraced hills and sandstone escarpment where once the early settlers drove cattle to the Wyndham Meatworks WA.

The Humbert Track : Driving time required 6 hours. Distance 112km
The Humbert Track offers an alternative exit route out of the Park. If follows an old packhorse trail which connected Bullita outstation and Humbert River Station and was used to carry supplies to the Victoria River Depot near the present day town of Timber Creek.

The Wickham & Broadarrow Tracks : These tracks lead into the remote southern regions of the Park. They are long and suitable for the well prepared traveller. Visitors books are situated at either end of the tracks along with a pamphlet outlining the route and facilities.

Access : Access may be restricted during the wet season from December to March. the 4×4 tracks are usually closed from December to April. Caravans and trailers are not recommended.