The Devils Marbles are a collection of gigantic rounded granite boulders which are often precariously balanced on top of one another. Scattered heaps of these ‘marbles’ occur across a wide, shallow valley.

The original granite masses from which the ‘marbles’ were fashioned had three main sets of joint planes at right angles to one another, breaking each mass into rectangular blocks 317 metres square. Erosion along the joints and the flaking away of thin slabs from the surface, has gradually rounded the corners to the extent that most blocks are now egg-shaped or spherical.

Plants and animals found in the reserve are those generally encountered in the arid centre of Australia.

Attached to the underside of overhanging boulders, clusters of the bottle-shaped mud nests of Fairy Martins (Petrochedlldon ariel) may by found. Occasionally the Pigmy Spiny-tailed Goanna is seen in the crevices, while the larger Sand Goanna is more often found among the thick clumps of Spinifex (Triodiaspp.) growing in the spaces between the boulders. A number of Finches including the Zebra and Painted Finches are often found in the Reserve.


This 1,827 hectare Reserve is located on both sides of the Stuart Highway approximately 393 km north of Alice Springs and 110 km south of Tennant Creek. The nearest settlement is Wauchope, 9 km to the south, where fuel and limited stores can be obtained.

Things to See and Do

Camping: A simple bush camping area with fireplaces and pit toilets is located at the southern end of the Reserve. No water is provided and you should therefore bring your own supplies.

Walks: An easy short (30 minute return) self guided walk commences from the carpark on the western side of the road with signs explaining the formation of the ‘marbles’. Visitors often wander around the site along a network of Informal walking tracks.