Situated 3km off the highway, the town is centred around the pub and includes general store and roadhouse.


An interesting history filled with hardship. After finally beating the lancewood scrub that had forced him back twice before, John McDouall Stuart finally arrived at Daly Waters on 25 May 1862.. He named the waterhole after Sir Dominic Daly governor of South Australia.

Things to See and Do

Daly Waters Pub: You have to stop and visit the Daly Waters Pub, one of the Northern Territory’s icons. The historic pub offers an atmosphere unlike any other pub you’ve ever been to before. One of the great authentic outback pubs its unique charachter, remoteness, and the many wild times that it was once famous for make it a must see.

The back of the menu at the pub, records: ‘In the early days the Daly Waters Pub was a drover’s rest, the mob always staging here for stores and a night out for the boys before tackling the Murranji leg of the drove.’

Alexander Forest Cairn: 50 km north of the town the memorial cairn along side the Stuart Highway marks the approximate spot where famous explorer Alexander Forrest found the line and followed it back to Daly Water after he and his party got into trouble exploring the Kimberley.

Daly Waters Airfield: was the first international airport in Australia. The airport was in a strategic position for International Aircraft who in the 1930’s and 40’s had limited fuel range and has some interesting history which is well presented.

Other attractions include Stuart’s Tree