Remote and rugged, fringed with magnificent white sand beaches and rich red outcrops, the Cobourg Peninsula is made up of Gurig National Park and Cobourg Marine Marine. Located about 570km from Darwin it can be reached by 4 x 4 from Oenpelli via Jabiru or a 30 minute charter flight from Darwin. Cobourg Peninsula is an idyllic setting where fish are abundant and people are sparse.

The peninsula is suited to travellers who are looking for a remote and isolated holiday away from the crowds. Most people visit Cobourg to fish, and are attracted by the idyllic setting and seclusion. There are less than 1500 visitors to the entire area each year through the use of a permit system.

Both Gurig (pronounced Gar-rig) National Park and the surrounding Cobourg Marine Park, are protected being the habitat of thousands of waterfowl and other birds. The Parks and Wildlife Commission restricts the number of vehicles travelling through Arnhem Land, so if you plan to go apply for your permit well in advance. For further information, phone +61 8 8999 4555 or +61 8 8979 0244. During the Tropical Summer, there is no road access.


There were two early attempts at settling this remote area – Fort Wellington (1827) and the Victoria Settlement (1838). Both failed. Don’t miss exploring the eerie ruins of the Victoria Settlement

Things to See and Do

In addition to fishing it is perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and photography.