Sandstone laid down 350 million years ago, has over time been eroded away by wind and rain leaving 3 dramatic rock formations. Chambers Pillar itself rises 50 metres above the otherwise flat and barren landscape making a spectacular attraction.

In local Aboriginal tradition, Chambers Pillar is a permanent reminder of the need to observe moral laws. The story is about a fierce warrior who wrongly lived with women who, under tribal law were his relatives. On being exiled because of his behaviour, he brought a female relative into the sand hills and while resting he turned to stone.

Access is via a 4WD track not recommended for trailers or caravans . Beyond the Maryvale Station turnoff the remaining 45 km includes a rocky climb and a succession of red sand dunes for the last 10 kilometres. Great scenery and the drive itself is rewarding for 4WD enthusiasts. The road becomes impassable after heavy rain and is a full day trip from Alice Springs return.